Bus Hire

Why you should opt for Vehicle Hire with GIGM.com

One of the best ways to keep your plans together when travelling is to consider a vehicle charter or hire service. With GIGM.com bus hire services you will find that there are many amazing benefits when you choose this type of service; from travelling stress free to arriving and departing from your destination as a whole group. You will also find that opting for this service gives you the opportunity to bond with family or friends on the trip, something that they may not be able to do if travelling the regular way. Before you hire a vehicle with us however, you must make sure you have considered all your travel requirements.

The GIGM.com Vehicle Hire Benefit.

When you choose our vehicle hire service you would be provided with multiple vehicle options. GIGM.com has a large fleet of vehicles, and takes pride in providing the best charter services thus far. You can trust our services as we provide you with different sized vehicle options to cater to your travel needs – large or small. Our Captains have years of experience driving and they are up on their safety measures.

How to arrange GIGM.com Vehicle Charter Service

Our team of customer care representatives are available to help you from the start of your booking right through to completion. Simply call our friendly team on +234 813 985 1110. Alternatively, you can request our hire services via our website gigm.com and our mobile app which is available on Android and iOS. Once you have made your booking, you will receive a unique reference code via email with all itinerary details.

Our customers’ safety is our top concern when travelling with our hire services

We have patrol teams and vehicles in place in the case of an emergency. For example, if you are on your way to a business conference with your corporate team and the bus breaks down, we are able to get a new bus to you in order to continue your trip. Subsequently, our level of customer service is top notch. We stop at nothing but being the best transport company in Nigeria. Finally, with a large fleet of vehicles, an emergency plan and a high level of customer service, you can feel confident that you are going to be getting the perfect service when you hire a bus in Nigeria

Types of Vehicles available for hire or charter

  • Toyota Haice Bus
  • Toyota Sienna Minivans
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter Bus
  • And our Luxury GIGM.com Prime Buses
GIGM.com hire service helps you hire a vehicle from the best bus company in Nigeria.
We will require you to answer a few simple questions regarding your trip such your departure date and type of vehicle you need. We ensure that you get the best deal on vehicle hire.
GIGM.com has operational bus terminals in four (4) geo-political zones but covers all zones for hire services.
Typically, we ask for a full (100%) advance payment to confirm the booking and reserve the vehicle for hire.
We use the best vehicles for hire or charter operations. The vehicles are usually reliable, but in case of a breakdown, we will send a replacement vehicle to complete the journey.
In case of outstation trips, kilometers are calculated based on the return trip distance between the source and destination. Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the point of departure will be additionally charged for.
Please call 081-3985- 1110 or email contact@gigm.com.
We allow you to pay directly through our payment platforms on our website. Immediately, you will receive a confirmation email with your itinerary details and unique reference code.
We have cancellation policies against each leg of a trip.
  1. For an outright cancellation of both legs (departure and return) we typically charge a 20% penalty of the full fare.
  2. For a partial cancellation of either legs (one leg) we typically charge a 20% penalty of the leg cancelled and offer a refund of the balance.
Toll and tax amounts are included in the final fare when booking is confirmed.
Unfortunately, all vehicle hire journeys are completed by our highly trained captains.

Please note the following:

Unclaimed properties are generally kept for 30 days before it is disposed off (except perishables which are discarded by next day to prevent contamination). If the perishable item becomes a health risk before before the end of the day, we reserve the right to dispose of it immediately.

Kindly reach us via phone on 08139851110 or email contact@gigm.com for more details. Please note that this may be subject to change, in accordance with modifications in our policies. For re claim of lost or forgotten property, you will be required to satisfy us that the item belongs to you.